Cabin Made of White Pine

Just got back from a wonderful visit to Camp DeerparkĀ (CDP) in the Catskills. Rode the bike, and spent the night in a beautiful new cabin made of white pine (Pinus strobus L.) harvested sustainably from the CDP forest and milled into boards at the CDP sawmill. Exquisite.


Baked leaf bases, or “cabezas”, of Agave cupreata Trel & BergerĀ in Guerrero, Mexico. The sugar-rich leaf bases are mashed, fermented , and distilled to make mescal.

Thx, Jeff

Had never heard of Eduardo Chillida, Basque artist and Spain’s foremost sculptor of the twentieth century. Or knew that an exhibition of his work was currently at the Hauser & Wirth gallery on 69th Street (until 27 July, i.e. tomorrow). But, I had a cup of tea with Jeff yesterday. [NOTE: Image is Proyecto Tindaya, […]