Stock and Yield

To exploit a forest resource sustainably, it is important to only harvest the annual yield each year and leave the stock untouched.  I am explaining this concept to a group of forest rangers at the Htamanthi Forward Station in Sagaing Region, Myanmar. [NOTE: They definitely got it.]

Off to Work

Clear sky, temperature in the mid-70’s. Take the chain and lock off the front wheel, slap on the tank bag with my lunch and iPad. Then helmet, sunglasses, and gloves. Kickstand. Turn the key, check the “neutral” light – and push start. Sit a moment to unite with the machine. Grab the clutch, that definitive […]

The Art of the Motorcycle

In late 1998, the Guggenheim Museum presented an exhibition of 114 motorcycles chosen for their historical importance and design excellence. Total attendance at the exhibition was the largest in the history of the museum. [NOTE: Image shows postcard promoting the exhibition; the bike is a 1965 Kreidler Florett RS].