Other Side of the Camera

Here I am talking to the mescal group in Acateyahualco, Guerrero about the inventory data that they have been collecting over the past five years (see Proof). I know it’s really important to document these interactions, and that video can be more engaging than still photos in some cases – but I really hate to […]

Naw Sein

This is the original image used for the cover of Managing the Wild (thx, Rob). The Kachin man shown is from the village of Shinlonga and his name is Naw Sein. Great guy. [NOTE: All of the palms shown in the image are spiny – extremely spiny – rattan canes. It took Naw Sein quite […]


A composing stick is a tool used to assemble pieces of metal types, i.e. sorts, into words and lines and pages. [NOTE: This composing stick was filled up many times to print the eight pages of the Smokey the Bear Sutra.]

DrySpec D68 Dry Bag System

There is a good chance when you take a road trip on a motorcyle that it will rain. And all of your stuff will get wet. Unless you take precautions. The DrySpec D68 includes one D20 saddlebag set and one D28 dry bag to create 68 liters of 100% waterproof storage. And they fit nicely on […]